Living Sea Complex - Science beneath the waves

The Science Behind Living Sea Complex | Living Sea Therapy

We’re going to let you into the secret of how our maritime voyage led to the creation of the marvel ingredient which goes into our products. Living Sea Complex® combines the unique geology of the Lizard peninsula with our powerful, concentrated Cornish Sea Salt Minerals and a trio of wild Cornish Atlantic seaweeds. Here’s what you are putting on your skin.

The Science Behind Living Sea Complex | Living Sea Therapy

  1. Unique geology — and pure turquoise waters

It starts from rock once buried beneath the earth’s core three million years ago. The coastal land mass which makes up Cornwall's most southerly peninsula yields riches found nowhere else on the planet in a coastal location. The Lizard peninsula lies in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Marine Conservation Zone. The pure waters  surrounding these rocky shores contain a unique array of more than 60 minerals which are all natural constituents of Cornish Sea Salt.

  1. Trio of tough, wild Cornish seaweeds — kombu, bladderwrack and sea spaghetti

Prized since the dawn of man, seaweeds offer a bounty in health and beauty benefits. We selected three wild seaweeds from the Cornish Seaweed Co. and extracted their very essence. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and ingredients beneficial to the skin, known to help detoxify the body, they have natural anti-ageing properties, can help to replenish moisture loss, helps treat a number of skin conditions like Acne and Eczema and act as a natural cleanser and toner.

  1. ‘Elixir of the sea’ — Cornish Sea Salt Minerals

During the gentle, zero-impact harvesting of Cornish Sea Salt from the cobalt Atlantic waters off the Lizard Peninsula we created an ‘elixir of the sea.’ This concentrated, rich substance — which we call Cornish Sea Salt Minerals — has nine times more salt than most of the world’s oceans. It rivals the salinity levels of Dead Sea salt, but, because of our distinctive geology, it has three times more than the reported natural sea minerals than the Dead Sea. Furthermore, we make this product every single day and we analyse its content using scientific methods, so we can say with absolute accuracy what’s in it, so it a highly consistent product.

The Science Behind Living Sea Complex | Living Sea Therapy | trio of seaweeds

From sea to skin

These ingredients have been brought together to create Living Sea Complex®. It has all been driven by our mission to protect the oceans, to make waves in skincare and minimise the ingredients in every product, relying instead on traceable, natural elements direct from the sea. The result is a wealth of benefits for your skin, which you can trace back directly to the ocean, our seabed nursery.

Ingredients from the sea are known to:

Remove toxins — natural elements in the seaweed, sea salt and minerals remove impurities from your skin.

Replenish skin — hydrate with concentrated seaweed extracts and minerals to recharge and refresh your skin.

Improve texture — increase elasticity and skin tone while soothing skin discomforts, dryness, redness and itching.

Balance mind — calming elements like magnesium, lithium and bromine stabilise and maintain serotonin, melatonin and tryptamine levels in the brain.

Naturally exfoliate — naturally extracted sea salt helps remove dead skin to encourage new skin cells to grow to leave your skin alive.

Antioxidant agents — elements like vitamin C in seaweed inhibit oxidisation (a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals…which indirectly damage cells, proteins and DNA by altering chemical structure) to combat ageing and cellulite.