The Restorative Powers of the Cornish Sea

Back in the Victorian era, taking a trip to the seaside was the first place to head if you needed a quick health boost. No, we’re not just talking about scoffing gigantic sticks of rock and yummy whippy ice creams, but taking in a lungful of sea air and squidging sand between your toes to help you de-stress.

Being by the coast can really make a difference to our health, so with inspiration from Boutique Retreats, we’ve got a few ideas on how to treat yourself to total Cornish seaside relaxation…

Planning your coastal dream consists firstly of finding the perfect house to relax in. Boutique Retreats have incredibly stunning places to stay, from Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath, the ideal locations to take a break from your 9 – 5, for a trip to the coast to reconnect with the natural environment. We have so much love for the unique geology of the Lizard Peninsula, that’s why we cram our products with all the mineral goodness that can be found there. For those looking to experience the area themselves and have a real Living Sea Therapy soak, we are obsessed with Grandad’s Cottage and Longstone Barn. These havens are super pretty and close to the quintessentially Cornish cliff tops and coast line.

Of course, if you can’t make it down to our friends at Boutique Retreats, you can have a little Cornish rejuvenation courtesy of Living Sea Therapy®. Our skincare collection combines pure essential oils with wild Cornish seaweed, Cornish Sea Salt Minerals and the resulting wonder ingredient, Living Sea Complex®. Think of those memories by the sea - lying on a sun-drenched beach, being wrapped up in a warm fluffy towel after swimming. You’ll get that feeling in every product, with each formulation harnessing different powers to make you feel totally pampered.

Our four steps to pure beach side relaxation…

1.Once you have arrived at your perfect bolthole for that special stay, head straight to the beach for some much-needed sea air. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and inhale. You’re here sea sisters. Soak it up.

2. The cobwebs have been swept away, so now time for a soak. If you aren’t brave enough to take on a RL dip in the Atlantic, relax and unwind in the tub with our bath salts we love this outdoor one at the Barefoot Beach Hut. Our Calm Cornish Sea Salt Flake Crystals have a blend of sage, chamomile and lavender pure essential oils, which help to ease tension whilst softening your skin.

3. Follow with a salt exfoliation using our amazing Sea Salt Scrub. It is packed with over 60 essential minerals and vitamins combined with 9 essential oils including lemongrass, cardamom and peppermint. The best thing about this scrummy scrub is the silky balm those sea salt flakes are crammed into. It will leave your skin super soft, so there’s no need to moisturise afterwards.

4. We shouldn’t forget to look after our feet, so grab our Foraged Sea Flora Foot Cream to give them a little seaside holiday of their own. The lime, fennel and spearmint creates that uplifting feeling, leaving you totally ready for your chilled, Cornish adventure!

Create your very own Cornish relaxation holiday by visiting Living Sea Therapy® and Boutique Retreats.