Our World Ocean Day Heroes 2018

June 8th is World Oceans Day. One of the most important days of the year. A day to say THANK YOU to this magnificent body for giving us LIFE. On a day where people around our blue planet celebrate and honour the ocean, which connects us all, we want to give a special shout out to our sister business, Cornish Sea Salt & Cornish Seaweed and a charity close to our hearts, the Blue Marine Foundation. Together, united, we make a difference. Keep reading to find out why they're our heroes.

1. Tim & Caro | Cornish Seaweed Co.

It started with two ocean-loving free spirits, global travellers and conservationists — one from England (Caro), one from Holland (Tim). After years of sailing, surfing, studying and helping communities from Honduras to the Philippines, they met at Exeter University organising a rainforest expedition to Borneo. They reunited on the rocky shores of Cornwall’s Atlantic coast and are now the only people in the UK free-diving for seaweed. 

But they're not our heroes for what they get, they're our heroes for how they do it. 
They only harvest by hand, so they don’t disturb the ecosystem and it’s super small scale. The only tool is a pair of scissors. They trim a few leaves from each plant, which invigorates growth. They even have proof it’s sustainable — and seaweed on the coastline is flourishing more than it ever has before. 

2. Philip Tanswell | Cornish Sea Salt Co. 
Just over a decade ago Cornish Sea Salt Co. started harvesting the mineral riches of the Atlantic ocean from the rocky shores of the Lizard Peninsula, reviving an old iron salt works industry. The late founder Tony Fraser together with his friend and fellow conservation enthusiast Philip Tanswell took on the task of hand-harvesting sea salt, which Philip heads up today.

With a background in engineering and the food industry, Philip is the brains behind the artisan science of Cornish Sea Salt Co., developing a technique to sustainably harvest ultra-rich sea minerals by hand, at source, whilst protecting the source they harvest from.

Located in a marine conservation zone, Cornish Sea Salt Co. has (singular) incredible sustainable processes in place, that all stem from Philip's love for the ocean. He and his team were even recognised by the Queen herself last year for the awesome job Cornish Sea Salt are doing.

3. The Blue Marine Foundation

This 10-strong, London-based team of heroes has two major strategies: to create large-scale marine reserves where fish are protected, and to establish new models of sustainable fishing. BLUE focuses on British waters and 14 UK overseas territories; islands with 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zones which are home to 94% of UK biodiversity. In 2016, BLUE achieved protection of more than 50% of the Ascension Island waters, an area almost the same size as the UK.

We are so proud to support this amazing charity, donating a percentage of every sale to BLUE: replenish your skin, restore the sea. 


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