Our Favourite Cornish Beaches

With summer on the cusp of autumn, we caught up with our brand ambassador, Corinne Evans, for her top beaches for some real-life Living Sea Therapy...

I’ve been lucky enough to live in Cornwall for 19 years, and what better place the spend my teenage years, adulthood and now as I embark on motherhood, a beautiful place to raise children. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the UK. Many times on the dark winter days my husband and I fantasise about the idea of living in the tropics and surfing in swimsuits and board shorts all day, but there is something about the Cornish Coast that keeps us here. Like a magnet, we are always pulled back to this rugged, untamed beauty, and I genuinely believe Cornwall will be our forever home.

There are still so many places in Cornwall I haven’t visited, and I do try to tick off new beaches and stretches of the coastline every summer, although I often find this hard. I have my favourite places, and as a partial creature of habit, I like to head back to these beaches time and time again. I guess when you find a gem or a place where you feel most at home it’s hard not to want to revisit it, especially during the spring and summer months when the weathers glorious and the water’s a little warmer.

To me, the sea is a form of therapy. It allows me to unwind, escape and my negative thoughts to drift away, out to sea. This is probably why I fell in love with surfing from a young age and why I have a special place in my heart for Cornwall. If you’ve never visited Cornwall, or want to find out my favourite places to spend my time then keep reading, I will share my five Cornish treasures, which captivated my heart from day one, for one reason or another.

1. Fistral Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Cornwall, for many reasons. It’s the hub of surfing in Newquay and some may say in Cornwall and on its day can have some of the best waves around. I love this beach, it holds so many beautiful memories and is where I spent most of my early years of surfing. There are hidden rock pools at both ends of the beach, an open stretch of coastline to walk on and a great place to have a BBQ on the beach while watching the sunset.

2. Gwenver

I have lost track of how many times I’ve gone camping at Gwenver; it’s our go-to spot for a mini weekend getaway and never fails to disappoint. Not the easiest of beaches to access, but it still doesn’t deter families and surfers from heading down to enjoy the pure white sands and crystal clear water. By far the most untouched stretches of coastline in Cornwall. You have to pack your supplies for a day on the beach there because there’s not an ice cream van or cafe in sight.

3. Porthcurno

Made famous for so many persons, Porthcurno as busy as it may get in the summer is still one of my favourite beaches. During the winter months, it can pick up decent waves as well and naturally the crowds are nowhere to be seen on a freezing winters day. Again, playing host to pure white sand and turquoise waters it’s Jurassic Esq coastline sees the cliff tops tower above you. I do love this beach and only wish it was a little closer to my home.

4. Treyarnon Bay

Heading up the North Coast, Cornwall seems to look a little wilder and more untamed, very different to that of the white sandy beaches down south. The waves are often a little wilder and the beaches not so pristine, but I love this. The Northern coast of Cornwall has many hidden coves and open beaches to wander and explore. Treyarnon Bay is one such beach. With mini lagoons and rock pools to dip your toes in, it’s favourite of mine if we’re heading up the coast.

5. Gylly Beach

I visited Gylly beach properly for the first time this summer. I have always seen it, stopped by for a coffee and a quick walk, but it wasn’t until this summer that I spent an entire day on the beach soaking up the sun. A perfect place to SUP, which I have been doing a lot this summer due to pregnancy and with delicious food and ice cream right on the beach, there’s not much else you could wish for. Again the water is as clear as glass and a dream to swim in. Also it’s incredibly sheltered, meaning it’s calm for most the of the summer.

These are just a few of my Cornish gems, and as I have already said there are still so many beaches I have yet to explore, but that’s what weekends are for. Enjoy the rest of your summer!