Meet the spa specialist behind Living Sea Therapy

Meet the spa consultant behind Living Sea Therapy

Steph Crosby, our spa expert, helped us develop the Living Sea Therapy range. Meet the woman behind the 100% natural essential oils in every single tub, and find out how we managed to blend up to 14 oils in each product. 

Steph Crosby is a woman on a mission to be “part of the positive evolution of people and planet”. Through massage, relaxation and aromatherapy she’s learned first-hand that scent has the power to heal and change your world. There is not much this therapist doesn’t know about the beneficial effects of 100% natural essential oils, therapy and hands-on healing. And one of the most important things for her is taking time out to take in the scent of life-changing oils.

“The brain is way more powerful than we realise,” she says. “With it we can heal our bodies and create our own perfect health. The scents from 100% natural essential oils change our emotion, long-term memory and behaviour as well as our physiological makeup. And when you give yourself time, you make better choices for your lifestyle, your health, your intrinsic being and the planet. You just need to stop, breath in and indulge your senses.”

Two decades in holistic therapy

Hailing from the Isle of Wight, Steph has spent 20 years studying and practicing aromatherapy, ayurveda, reflexology and holistic message. She has spent most of her career as a holistic spa specialist. One of her highlights was managing a team of 35 therapists and 20 hosts for Red Hotels and setting up Cornwall’s Scarlet Hotel spa. She is well known in the therapist industry and runs VIP spa areas within festivals like the popular family musical festival Womad.  

Steph was first inspired by the power of the mind to heal the body (the science of psychoneuroimmunology) when she was 18. After feeling and seeing the profound effects of providing deep relaxation via touch and essential oils (through Thai massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and meditation) she set up her own mobile massage agency linking the best professional therapists in the UK with guests at luxury hotels without spas.

Steph joined the team last year and helped create exciting new formulations. The challenge was to blend 100% natural essential oils with wild Cornish seaweed, Cornish sea salt and the Living Sea Complex®.

More art than science

“It was just amazing,” says Steph. “Blending scents is an art rather than a science. We were blending between 7 and 14 of these 100% natural essential oils in each product. I’ve never seen that done before — it’s very unique to be able to get the balance of the top, middle and bottom notes just right, to create the right bouquet. Wow.”

To blind-test the products, Steph chose a team of seven top UK therapists who were either working at the country’s top spas or who had more than a decade’s experience in holistic massage therapy, ayurveda and aromatherapy. The seven therapists were given no information about where product, the ingredients, or how they were made.

“When they found out the ingredients and the story behind the product they couldn’t believe it,” says Steph. “They just couldn’t believe they all had natural, sustainable ingredients from Cornwall, and that we were using so many 100% natural essential oils in each product. If these spa therapists gave it the thumbs up, we knew we had nailed it.”