Living Sea Sleep Therapy

We want to talk about sleep. Or lack there of. Insomnia is an epidemic in the UK, with over 1/3 of us having trouble getting off to the land of nod, which has a direct impact on our health. Well, no more! We've spoken to our in-house therapists and sleep experts from our friends, Holistic Silk, to pull together our top tips for a restful night. 

1. Take a Bath 
We know what you're thinking, hardly groundbreaking stuff, right? Well, actually, it kinda is. We are the only company in the world using Cornish Sea Salt flakes in our Bath Salts. They contain over 60 calming elements like magnesium, lithium and bromine. The result? A soak in a handful of these crystals mean serotonin, melatonin and tryptamine levels in the brain are maintained and stabilised leaving you calm and deeply rested.

Top tip: Time your bath about an hour and a half before your bedtime. It's the act of your body cooling down that makes you sleepy, so give yourself time to cool off after a hot bath. 

2. Get a Nutrient Boost 

Did you know how important magnesium is for your sleep? It's been found to decrease cortisol, the stress hormone, so if anxiety is a big part of why you can't get off to the land of nod, take ten minutes to smother yourself in our body butter. With sea spaghetti, bladderwrack and kombu in our shea blend, you'll top up your levels of magnesium while the frankincense pure essential oil will soothe your mind. 

3. Don't Forget your Feet! 

Yep. It's true. Cold feet mean constrict blood vessels, meaning reduced blood circulation. Warming your feet and increasing circulation helps to give your brain a clear signal that you're ready to drift off. We apply a little Sea Foraged Flora Foot Cream before popping our socks on for an intense overnight moisture treatment.

4. Switch Off with Holistic Silk

Hands up, we're the worst for taking our own advice on this, tempted by a full inbox, an Instagram feed, or our favourite Netflix show to fall asleep to. But blue light is one of the worst things for your sleep pattern, depriving your body of the hypothalamus signals it needs to start creating sleep hormones, like melatonin. 

Thankfully, we found Holistic Silk's Eye Pillow (we love the lavender one). Use it when you first get into bed to soothe and calm you, preparing your body for sleep.  The weight of the seeds settle into the contours of your eye socket, stimulating the acupressure points for clarity and calm, plus it removes the temptation of sneaking a peek at your phone. 

Top Tip: Need a quiet ten minutes to recharge? Tip your office chair back, pop on the eye pillow and take ten minutes out every afternoon. They are also great for using during the relaxation phase at the end of any yoga sessions. 


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