Jamie Oliver & Cornish Seaweed

We are super excited to see our friends from Cornish Seaweed Co. on Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast on Friday 26th January at 8pm. That's right, they don't just supply us with lovely Cornish underwater greens for our skincare collection, they harvest it for you to enjoy with your food too!

This particular episode had Jamie Oliver looking at a superfood that can be found right on his doorstep – seaweed – cue our seaweeders! You’ll see Caro cooking on camera with the man himself, Jamie Oliver, knocking up some mouth-watering dishes including, Sea Spaghetti and Spaghetti with King Prawns. Caro told us "Jamie was 100% true to the character we see on the TV and super friendly, funny and chilled throughout the long day of filming. Cool guy." 

Although we *adore* Cornish seaweed in all formats, we love it in our skincare collection best of all. Harnessing the natural healing power of these supergreens on the biggest organ we have, our skin, helps to reduce inflammation, rehydrate the skin and restore a natural glow. 

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