Crystal Healing

In the same way crystals work through frequencies to balance and restore the mind, the minerals in our Living Sea Complex move to areas in your skin that have a low concentration of them to restore and heal through osmosis. This month, we've teamed up with Ocean Cornish Crystal Healer, Momoko Hill to create some Living Sea Crystal Therapy rituals for you to try at home. 


Momoko has been on our radar for a while, we've bumped into her a few times on the beach, always in the water. Cornish born, she connects with her crystals through the frequencies of the ocean before sending them on to her clients, just as we use the Cornish sea to heal skin, she uses it to help heal minds. Keep reading for our top 3 crystal rituals.


Sink in to a detox bath, holding a Chrysocolla crystal in your hand. Chryscolla is a feminine crystal with a flowing energy. It will help you to speak your truth and be more at one with yourself, so you are unafraid to step out of your comfort zone and outside of barriers. Pure essential oils and antibodies in our Cornish seaweed trio will relax the body as you let your mind go free. Speak your truth. Feel empowered. Focus your mind on a higher version of yourself, who you want to be and grow into. 

Roll an Amazonite sphere in the arch of your feet. Named after the energetic Amazonian river it has a revitalising energy. Afterwards, apply our foot cream. The seaweed will restore tired feet while the Living Sea Complex will soothe. 


Working perfectly with the energy of the New Moon in Cancer, create a ritual bath experience ~ evoking the water element and calling in the serene energies of Moonstone. Let the oceanic hues of Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Turquoise and Prehnite emulate the pale and sparkling shallows or the Cornish ocean, with a little splash of Quartz to amplify. Activate the Living Sea Complex minerals by running a handful of Cornish Sea Salt crystals under the tap. Relax. 

A huge thanks to Momoko Hill, for all her advice on crystal therapy. For more rituals, check out her Instagram and ours. 

*Crystals provided by the awesome Em Jems in St. Ives