Cornish Sea Salt Minerals

Cornish Sea Salt Minerals | Living Sea TherapyHere’s how we created a substance with the same salinity levels of the Dead Sea, but with absolute consistency and three times as many minerals.

Since Cornish Sea Salt Co. began harvesting salt from the rocky shores of Cornwall’s southernmost peninsula in 2008, the team have made a powerful discovery. While harvesting the salt, they realised they also had something unique, a wonderfully powerful co-product with a salinity level (salt concentration) that rivals that of the Dead Sea.

The team called it Cornish Sea Salt Minerals, realising that it might one day have huge applications in bodycare. It is literally ‘a concentrate of the sea’.

Mark Sullivan, Chairman of Living Sea Therapy says: "Living Sea Complex contains Cornish Sea Salt Minerals, a unique, scientific concentrate of fresh Atlantic Ocean waters found off the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall.  Purified and enriched through a benign process based on reverse osmosis, Cornish Sea Salt Minerals has a salinity of 31.5%, comparable to the Dead Sea, while being nine times more concentrated in minerals than ordinary sea water. What we’ve done scientifically and naturally, is create a unique concentrate of the sea, an elixir.” 

But there’s more.

Cornish Sea Salt Minerals | Living Sea Therapy

Mineral intensity

 In terms of composition, the Dead Sea is reported to contain 21 minerals, whereas Cornish Sea Salt Minerals contains over 60, due partially to the unique coastal geology of the Lizard Peninsula.  Furthermore, based on our controlled sourcing and proprietary process, we are able to ensure product consistency in each and every formulation. In the culinary sense, this translates into flavour and nutrition. However, in skincare, for our Living Sea Therapy range, this delivers significant health and beauty benefits. Our skin is our largest organ and we absorb around half of the products in skincare into our bloodstream, so we’ve made it a priority to know the exact breakdown of our products.

The main minerals concentrated in our Cornish Sea Salt Minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and sulphur. Our bodies use these minerals in different ways, but especially for maintaining healthy skin.

These five minerals alone increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation, while other components remove toxins, hydrate, naturally exfoliate and replenish skin, providing anti-ageing benefits, as well as increasing elasticity and improving texture. When combined with the organic ingredients in our Living Sea Complex®, our products pack a powerful punch.

But wait, there’s even more.

Absolute consistency

The sea is a living environment, packed full of minerals vital for the body, good for the mind and essential for healthy living. The sea is the richest known source of hydration, protection and renewal for the skin, used for centuries for its beauty and health benefits.

Salts removed from the Dead Sea have a variable mineral consistency, because they are sourced from different locations. When we make Cornish Sea Salt Minerals Elixir, we can guarantee the quality and exact mineral profile of our 'concentrate of the Cornish sea'.

“We have created a similar product to the Dead Sea Salt, with three times as many minerals, and with far more consistency,” says Mark.”

“We came from the sea”

It makes perfect sense to use Cornish Sea Salt Minerals on our skin, because the mineral profile of our bodies is the same as the ocean. Tracey Lawes, Associate Director of Living Sea Therapy, says: “There are around 80 different types of minerals in our oceans. If you look at the mineral profile of our bodies, it matches the minerals and salts in the ocean.”