Charity Work With Blue Marine Foundation

Our Partnership with Blue Marine Foundation | Living Sea Therapy

We’ve teamed up with the ocean charity which raised awareness of the world’s over-fishing crisis through the End of the Line film. Through our partnership with Blue Marine Foundation, we are helping to turn the tide on the destruction of our marine habitats.

We are working with our charity partner, Blue Marine Foundation (known as BLUE), to help create protected marine reserves and sustainable fishing models. As well as donating a percentage of our pack profits to BLUE, we will be raising money for the charity with our portable therapy ‘bubble,’ which offers mini seaside treatments around the country, as well as taking part in some of their fundraising events. 

“We have just squandered one of the greatest resources that we’ve ever had on the planet — wild fish.”

These are the words of Charles Clover, Executive Director of BLUE, an ocean conservation charity set up in 2010 to put 10% of the world’s oceans under protection by 2020, and 30% by 2030.

The 10-strong, London-based team has two major strategies: to create large-scale marine reserves where fish are protected, and to establish new models of sustainable fishing. BLUE focuses on British waters and 14 UK overseas territories; islands with 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zones which are home to 94% of UK biodiversity. In 2016, BLUE achieved protection of more than 50% of the Ascension Island waters, an area almost the same size as the UK.

“Despite the political turmoil, last year was actually a brilliant one for marine conservation,” says Dan Crockett, BLUE’s Head of Development, “both in terms of impact for BLUE and overall global progress.”

As well as protecting biodiversity in UK waters overseas, (not to mention projects in the Maldives and the Aeolian Islands) BLUE is repopulating The Solent with native oysters, after the waters were closed to harvesting a few years ago. It also set up a groundbreaking fishing model in Lyme Bay where local fisherman earned more money from each catch by fishing in a more sustainable way. “The model was hailed as a world first,” says Dan. “A success for fishermen and conservationists alike, we are now planning to roll it out to a number of other locations around the UK.”

BLUE is the charity behind The End of the Line film, the shocking documentary by filmmaker, Rupert Murray, which brought the world’s attention to the crisis of over-fishing in 2009. Our partnership sits alongside partnerships with retailers like Selfridges, Marks & Spencer, Kenzo, Reefknots and Frangipani.

Mark Sullivan, Chairman of Living Sea Therapy, says: “The ocean has been used for centuries because of the multiple health benefits of seawater. We value the ocean, we believe in our Cornish sea salt and seaweed; and we want more people to be able to benefit from these ingredients. As a result of that, we will increase awareness and help people to start thinking about the oceans and to start taking action to save our most valuable resource. We thought long and hard about choosing a charity to work with. BLUE is a young and energetic team which is making a real difference. We are very proud of this partnership.”

Dan says: “It’s brilliant to work with a UK brand coming out of Cornwall, and with people whose sustainable products come directly from the sea. We are inspired by what they do. It’s so closely related to what we do. One of the core parts of our mission is to improve ocean biodiversity, which would directly support the seaweed populations which Cornish Seaweed Co. harvest and which go into the Living Sea Therapy. And healthy, cleaner seas mean better salt. We very much believe in the underlying ethos and the use of local, sustainable, living products to make waves in the skincare world. We’re really excited.”

As for BLUE’s target of protecting 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020, the target is closer than any of the team expected. “When we started it was just 1%,” says Dan. “Now, as much as 6% is proposed as protected, so there is a possibility that this could happen. We look forward to our partnership with Living Sea Therapy yielding great things in the future, for both the oceans and this great Cornish brand.