Guardians of the source

Living Sea Therapy | sustainable skincare products


Lots of claims are made in food and cosmetics about sustainability, natural ingredients and provenance. We don’t make unsubstantiated claims. Here’s everything you need to know about our products and how we protect the oceans while harvesting her natural treasures.

As a collective of businesses, harvesting wild Cornish seaweed and Cornish Sea Salt, we set out to find the best ways to bring the health benefits of the ocean to you, through food while making sure our methods were sustainable, low impact and that the ingredients were traceable to their source. Through our organic development we are now able to bring these benefits to your skin with Living Sea Therapy.

Mark Sullivan, Chairman of Living Sea Therapy, explains why: “As a team we all appreciate and value the ocean and through our gentle harvesting of sea salt and seaweed, we have become guardians of the source. The more people who become aware of the damage we are doing to our oceans, the quicker we can help to turn the tide. So, our motivation for creating Living Sea Therapy is to deliver the benefits of these wonderful ingredients to more people, in our beautiful range of products, while increasing awareness of the damage that we are doing to our most valuable resource.”
Hand harvested Cornish Sea Salt
The right partners with this in mind
We chose our partners and advisors well. They include a marine biology centre, two universities, an ocean charity, experts in seaweed and sea minerals, researchers in conservation, ecology and biodiversity; an aromatherapy expert, formulation experts and a team of spa therapists, driven by authenticity and therapeutic standards in treatment and product.

A few green credentials you’d expect
We say “no” to animal testing and the use of microbeads that has proven to be damaging to the wildlife in our oceans. All our products are suitable for vegetarians. Our products are made without the use of synthetic fragrances and colours, Parabens, silicones, SLS and Mineral oils. All our packaging is recyclable.

Our ingredients and how we formulate our products
Just as the wild Cornish seaweed and Cornish Sea Salt has been hand-harvested in a sustainable way.

We only use 100% natural essential oils. This means the essence of herbs, flowers, fruits and spices extracted using steam distillation and cold pressing methods, maximising the integrity of the plants’ therapeutic values. Instead of using microbeads, we are excited to be using Pumice and Sea Pearl powder as our skin exfoliant.

Our surfactant and emulsion systems are based upon a botanical resource delivering a product, effective in action and kind to the environment.

We are proud to offer products that reflect our highest standards and are driven by genuine efficacy, as well as being a pleasure to use and kind to the environment.

Our partners and advisors

Marine biologists
We’ve been working with Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) to make sure we are doing the right thing by the oceans during the harvesting of Cornish Sea Salt and wild Cornish seaweed. They support our cause and we value their advice and guidance.

PML’s mission is to “develop and apply world-leading, integrated marine science towards the sustainable future of the ocean”. PML is a collaborative centre of the Natural Environment Research Council. It delivers its objectives through research, working with national and global partners, sharing its knowledge and engaging with the world. With a strong track record in excellent marine science over four decades, it is “committed to addressing the challenges facing our ocean today for the benefit of us all”. PML has worked with over 500 partners in more than 60 countries, from strategic alliances and formal partnerships to its scientists collaborating extensively on specific research projects with universities, other academic institutions and industry.

Two universities
We are engaged in the first seaweed research program with Exeter University to monitor regrowth rates, biomass and harvesting techniques through our sister brand, The Cornish Seaweed Co. We are also working with the medical school at Plymouth University to delve deeper into the wondrous health benefits of seaweed to skin. Plymouth University analyse our salts and provide us with a mineral analysis which identifies how our salt is unique throughout the world.

One of the co-founders of the Cornish Seaweed Co, Tim Van Berkel, is a conservation and biodiversity graduate from Exeter University. He is constantly involved in ecological conservation and research, while the co-founder, Caro Warwick-Evans, is a renewable energy engineering graduate (also Exeter University). Both helped to set up a rainforest conservation charity in Borneo, and, between the pair, they have protected people, plants and animals across the globe.

The Cornish Seaweed Co obtained the first ever UK licence (from the Crown Estate) and is helping to write the first code of conduct on harvesting seaweed in Britain. It has Soil Association Organic Qualification and a solid commitment to renewable energy (using only solar and wind energy for drying). The only harvesting tools the Falmouth-based team uses are scissors, wetsuits, snorkel masks and a boat. Its small-scale, zero-impact, local production methods lead to a lower carbon footprint.

Mineral specialists
Cornish Sea Salt Co. uses a sustainable salt extraction process in the pure waters off the Cornish coast at the Lizard peninsula, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Marine Conservation Zone and Site of Special Scientific Interest. At the Salt House in Porthkerris on the Lizard, just a few metres from the translucent waters of the Cornish Atlantic, sea water is filtered and purified, removing only 0.5% of salt from the ocean, using only ultraviolet lights and a benign ion osmosis process.

Ocean charity
We’re raising funds for Blue Marine Foundation, an ocean conservation charity set up in 2010 to put 10% of the world’s oceans under protection by 2020, and 30% by 2030. Our work with the charity includes donations from sales of our products and from our mobile therapy ‘bubble’ and other events. The charity is a small team making a huge impact and it has two strategies: to create large-scale marine reserves where fish are protected, and to establish new models of sustainable fishing. Read more here.

Our products are treatment led, so with the involvement in development, of Steph Crosby, and her hand picked team of holistic therapists, our products are professional treatment and efficacy led.