Cornish coast created with pure essential oils

Pure Natural Essential Oils | Living Sea Therapy

It’s not easy to capture memories, sensations, moods — that dreamy tranquility of lying on a sun-drenched beach, the drama of walking the Atlantic coast and the adventure of diving below the waves. To conjure up the bouquet of coastal Cornwall, of holiday, tranquility, fun and reflection, we embarked on a global journey to source pure essential oils from around the world.

“It’s hard to bottle the scent of the Cornish Atlantic,” says Tracey Lawes, Associate Director or Living Sea Therapy®. “It’s so subjective. Everyone has their own memory of the ocean, whether it’s the gorse, salt, seaweed or sea spray. We already had the abundant health benefits of the other natural ingredients. But we really wanted to add the emotion, the feeling, the mood.”

Living Sea Therapy® products combine pure essential oils with wild Cornish seaweed, Cornish Sea Salt Minerals and the resulting wonder ingredient, Living Sea Complex®. The oils in our lotions, creams, scrubs, washes and salts are an absolute indulgence for the senses. They calm and soothe, energise and uplift; they renew, nourish and rejuvenate. Some ease muscle tension and soak away stress, calming the mind, while others stimulate our senses, invigorate our brains and revive our very beings.
Pure Natural Essential Oils | Living Sea Therapy
More than a scent
Steph Cosby, our holistic spa specialist who helped us develop our products, adds: “The scent from a 100% natural essential oil has a stronger effect than just ‘smelling nice’ and changing our mood. It brings about actual physiological changes.”

All the aromatherapy oils in the Living Sea Therapy products are antibacterial. Some, like ginger, remove impurities, and others, like chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties. Citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon and lime are powerful antioxidants.

Some oils, like bergamot and cedarwood, help oily and troubled skin, while sweet almond oil leaves it feeling softer. Sweet, floral fragrances like linden, neroli, rose and lavender rejuvenate your skin, your largest organ. Mandarin also helps cure skin disorders whilst diminishing scars and stretch marks.

Warm, sweet scents, like chamomile, relax and calm mind and body. Other sweet and warm aromas, like frankincense, help focus the mind in times of stress. Spearmint and peppermint release emotional blocks, restoring harmony and wellbeing. Fennel and rose geranium have a balancing effect on the body and mind. Spicy aromas, like sage, cardamom and ginger, uplift, energise and refresh.

Drift away to the Cornish sea
Some oils will transport you to sun-soaked beaches and wrap you in warm, fluffy towels for that eternal holiday feeling (palmarosa, neroli and frankincense in our Sea Spaghetti & Shea Body Butter). Mandarin, ginger and eucalyptus on our Kelp Forest Sourced Bath Soak help revive and awaken your senses, soak away stress and provide deep muscle relaxation.

For us, grapefruit and bergamot conjure up days by the sea. You’ll find them in our Sea Mineral Cocktail Hand Wash. The spicy, refreshing aromas of cardamom, peppermint, lemongrass in our Sixty Mineral Infusion Sea Salt Scrub help to uplift and energise.

You will discover coastal fragrances (made up of rose geranium and frankincense) in our Seaweed Trio Body Lotion, and sea fresh bouquets (mandarin, cedar wood, linden) in our Seaweed Nutrients Hand Lotion. Our Foraged Sea Floral Foot Cream offers a light invigorating aroma from lime, fennel and spearmint.