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Sea Story

Voyage from Sea to Skin

Voyage from Sea to Skin

marine charity

marine charity


We’ve teamed up with the ocean charity which raised awareness of the world’s over-fishing crisis through The End of the Line film. Say ‘hello’ to our charity partner, Blue Marine Foundation.

Guardians of the source

Guardians of the source

Underwater Jigsaw

Underwater Jigsaw


Marine life artist, Catherine Forshall, talks about her obsession with movement, sea creatures and Cornwall’s special light, and how it inspired her to create our jigsaw under the waves.


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Hand Wash soothe | sea mineral cocktail

Hand Wash

300ml | £18

Body Polish smooth | sea flora extracts

Body Polish

200ml | £22

Coming Soon

Bath Salts - Indulge indulge | sea salt flake crystals

Bath Salts - Indulge

400g | £22

Sea Science

Our wonder ingredient, Living Sea Complex®, reveals the secrets of the ocean through an infusion of pure sea minerals and wild seaweed extract, hand-harvested from the pure cobalt waters of the Cornish Atlantic coast.

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